Hi, my name is Deborah Brown.  I was born and raised in New Orleans, the city of Jazz.  I play the saxophone since I was 9 years old and had the “Jazz bug” since 8th grade.  At a very young age, I experienced a tragedy that drove me to immerse myself in the world of Jazz.  The unexpected death of my father led me to listen to and read about Jazz music because he has been a fan of it as far as I can remember.  He was the one who got me into playing the saxophone in the first place but what was a purely therapeutic process for me became a passion.  Aside from the influence of my father and living in the city of Jazz, I find the music to be vibrant and sexy.  It has an intricate rhythm and harmonic scheme with varying styles, innovations and complexity that capture my soul.  When I started, I just couldn’t stop.  I decided to create this website so that I can share this passion to others who feel the same way.  I want to explore jazz music with you, learn about it, its musicians and vocalists.

Jazz music is has an interesting origin.  During the late 19th Century, when men were stomping their feet to military marches, New Orleans was dancing to Voodoo rhythm.  It was the only place that slaves can own drums and Voodoo rituals were openly tolerated back then.  It was in New Orleans that the bright flash of European horns ran into the dark rumble of African drums.  It made people free and made them feel alive.  Everything was touched by the joyous anarchy called New Orleans Jazz and everybody was celebrating.  The music was not born in a day but it was created over a period of time and even to this day, it continues to evolve and I want to be part of making yet another historical event in Jazz music.