Classy But Cheap Wedding Invitations on a Budget


If you are getting married but you have limited budget, one of the ways you can cut costs is to avoid purchasing expensive wedding invitations. There are several ways on going for classy wedding invitations without breaking the bank. Some of these options include finding a discount printer, negotiating with a printing company that can do the entire project, designing the invitations and having someone else print them, or doing both your own design and printing. You can save money on any of the printing methods by forgoing the reply card and having people respond via email or telephone.

Discount Printers

Discount printers typically offer several template for you to choose from. Basically, you are to give them the information you want included in your wedding invitation and they will print them on their standard stock. Although you won’t have as many personalized options, you can save money because they print in high volumes using the same materials and template.

Self-Designed but Professionally Printed

Some printers provide you with a choice of templates. Nonetheless, you can also bring your own personal design. You can find many of such companies over the Internet. They usually offer lower rates compared to offline wedding shops. Likewise, printing companies online provide their clients with various shipping options. You will save even more money if you search in advance and opt for the slowest shipping method.


The current trend in wedding invitations is to design and make them by yourself. Start an Internet search for software and how-to videos that can serve as a guide in designing and printing your own wedding invitation. Most of the materials you will need can be found in book shops, department stores and arts and craft shops.

Brainstorm with your partner and be open to ideas and suggestions on what to include in the invitations. This is where you can show your personality as a couple by designing and printing unique wedding invitations. Make a list of all the elements you want to incorporate but do not forget to include all the relevant information such as you and your partner’s name, as well as the time, date, and place where the ceremony will take place. If there is a reception to follow, you need to also mention the details and the place of reception.

Some styles of homemade wedding invitations that are popular today include layered cards, single-fold cards, and tri-fold cards. You can also mix the layered concept with the folded cards for a more personalized look. In order to get a crisp fold, run the dull side of a knife along the crease.

Instead of using standard card stock or printer paper, you may opt for the finer texturized papers. Some of the most popular types of paper used in wedding invitations are linen, floral embossed and parchment. Make sure that whatever type of paper you choose will work on your printer.

To add more personality and uniqueness to your wedding invitation add other design accents like ribbons, lace, stamps and cutouts. Find interesting ways to feature you and your partner by adding a photo or a collage of pictures.

Electronic Invitations

Electronic invitations are considered as the least expensive way to create and distribute wedding invitations. Basically, you’ll send your invitation via email. You may place wedding invitations in the body of the email or send an attached invitation. More so, you can host a private blog or website requiring the wedding invitation. Choosing the electronic option, you can showcase your computer design skills and allow further creativity with your wedding invitations.



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