We’re not in Kansas Anymore Toto
Most artists find fame and recognition in the most unexpected ways. But like most forms of art, good music is good music, and it will always find a way to reach an audience it was meant to reach. Such is the case of artist and musician extraordinaire Deborah Brown. Born is in Kansas City, in a nondescript part of town, young Deborah Brown had no idea that her career was going to take her to an adventure of a lifetime. Just like the fictional heroine from the same city in The Wizard of Oz, she had to leave home to discover herself as a woman as a musician. Born to highly musical family, she started playing the violin at an early age. Under the tutelage of her mom, who was also an accomplished accordion player, she honed her musical skills and considers her mom as one of the most influential people in her life. She briefly dabbled in playing the accordion herself, but eventually went on to learn the piano from her grandmother. Although she attended college for more than a year, her most important training as a Jazz musician was when she was performing live as an amateur artist. She went on to perform in Vegas and became a professional Jazz singer at the young age of 20.

Fame eluded her in the United States. To gain more life and musical experience, she went on a tour to the Far East, singing in places like Japan and Indonesia, before moving and settling in Europe. In retrospect, she considers travelling to perform as the most amazing experience a Jazz musician could ever have, and considers it as the most formative years of her musical career – where she met, worked with, and was influenced by noted musicians like Johnny Griffin, Toots Thielemans, and the great trumpeters Harry “Sweets” Edison and Benny Bailey. She also performed with the great Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra from Russia.

She is now an accomplished singer and has a series of critically-acclaimed albums to her name, a book, and top singles on iTunes. Deborah Brow, the young girl from Kansas, after a musical journey through the Far East and Europe, is now considered to be one of the greats in the musical genre of Jazz.