Music hub is an avenue where musicians and music lovers can come together and share their love for
music together. The playlist in the Music Hub allows visitors of the site to experience Jazz music as
musicians do: fresh and new. We play good music from various sources; such as top picks from music
critics and experts, cutting edge styles in Jazz music, indie artists, and top rated new jazz singles form
different parts of the world. We aim to provide our visitors the true and unique musical experience only
a really good piece of Jazz music can provide.

Music Hub also allows visitors to upload their own works of music and let fellow music enthusiast rate
their choices. We aim to provide an avenue for hard-core Jazz lovers to set the trend and allow them to
share their preferences and let any Jazz music newbie appreciate good music. Music Hub also has links
to various playlists and music sites that link visitors to new and fresh tracks from the indie scene – where the future of Jazz music is born.

Music Hub is also community centered. A Hub is a home, a melting pot, an avenue to share musical
ideas, and a place where musicians and music lovers can share their passion. We wanted to create
a space where one can find the best new Jazz tracks and hear great classics only a music expert can
provide. We also encourage young, up-and-coming artists to share their music and be heard. This
interconnectedness in music can be found in Music Hub.

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience the best the world of Jazz music has to offer. Visit
the Music Hub today.

Music Hub: where musicians and music lovers come together to turn noise into something beautiful