The Changing Scene of Jazz Music in Drag Culture, New York


New York is the real melting pot of the world.  It is not just a Mecca for different ethnicities working together, but it is also the center of Multiculturalism in the western world (one clue: the United Nations office is based in New York).  History would tell us the best works in Arts, Culture, and Fashion, usually originate in places like New York where great ideas blend together, are absorbed and re-shared, until it becomes ripe for the world to consume.

In the streets of Soho, a new blend of drag artists are paving the way for jazz music and plus size costume bargains to join forces and provide the entertainment world something new and truly fresh.

Soho is the melting pot of the melting pot, the streets are filled with vintage shops and XXL costumes stores that allow the imagination to flow.  Manila Luzon, a famous Drag Superstar and New York denizen says that her favorite Saturday afternoon past time is hunting for plus size costume bargains in Soho or Chinatown.  “It’s truly a sight to behold, the streets of New York.  It has every raw material you could ever need to make your imagination come to life.  I like buying plus size costumes in Chinatown from big, old drag queens because it means I’ll have more fabric to work with”.

But the revolution isn’t just limited to cheap plus size costumes.  It’s also taking roots in one of the original forces in New York; Jazz Music.  A new breed of Drag Queens is taking their performance art into the next level by fusing it with Jazz, creating a truly unique and interesting form of art.  Hedda Lettuce, Shequida, and Sade Pendarvis are among the few pioneers in this brave new world of art Jazz music and plus size costume bargains created.  “Jazz music in drag is new and fresh and the audiences respond to it in a good way” says Costume-Jazz fusion expert and Drag artist Sherry Vine. Suffice to say that this new fashion and music revolution is only possible because of the extra large cheap costumes one can see all over New York.

These performance artists owe their fashionable plus size costumes to the wide array of shops in downtown New York offering weekly plus size costume bargains.  Stores like Avenue, Courtney Washington, Fashion to Figure, and Frank Bee Costume Shop, all offer great plus size costume bargains specially designed to attract the daring and bold customers that walk the streets of the great city.  Going to plus size costume bargain stores is the best way to find great fashion treasures you can edit to make your own work of art.  It’s affordable, there are a lot to work with, and it gives the designer or performance artist a chance to recycle fashion.

There is a great change happening in the performance art scene in New York.  And amazingly enough, it came from a very humble beginning: Plus size costume bargains.


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